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MDP Releases New Bob Young Video

Mar 17, 2010

News from
The Michigan Democratic Party
March 17, 2010
Contact: John Tramontana
MDP Releases New Bob Young Video, Shows How He Abused Power
WSU Law Professor Talks About Study of Michigan Supreme Court and How Justice Young Ruled Ideologically
LANSING – A Wayne State University law professor says Justice Bob Young acted improperly on the bench. According to Professor Robert Sedler, Young and other GOP Justices ruled time and time again to protect insurance companies and corporations over victims and Michigan residents.
“This is not the way a court is supposed to function,” Sedler said of his research of the Court during the period of 1999-2008. “They (GOP Justices) had a view and I think that view was wrong and I think that has been very harmful to the development of the law in Michigan.”
Sedler says the Court overturned 34 cases in 10 years siding repeatedly with insurance companies and corporations over the people of Michigan.
“If there was a Guinness Book of World Records for overruling of decisions in a limited period of time, the Michigan Supreme Court from 1999 to 2008 would set the record,” he said.
To hear more of Professor Sedler’s interview and learn more about Bob Young, click the link below.

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